Welcome to the Fourth Global e-Conference on Fit

Exploring Organisational Fit and Misfit





Conference Themes

This e-conference is for people interested in the concept of workplace person–environment fit. This concept is concerned with the relationship between individuals and the organisations that employ them. Over the years we have discovered that fit is related to job satisfaction, organisational commitment, staff turnover, intent to leave, stress levels, personnel selection decisions and decisions to join companies. Recent research suggests that people's sense of fit captures how rewarding they find work and how they view the relationship with their employers.

Fit is multi-faceted and appears to be broken down into at least six different forms of fit: Person–Organisation (PO) fit, Person–Job (PJ) fit, Person–People (PP) fit, Person–Group (PG) fit, Person–Supervisor (PS) fit and Person–Vocation (PV) fit. Our approach in this e-conference is to be inclusive of all forms of fit so that researchers working in particular streams might learn from researchers in other fields. In addition, we would like to learn from people in closely related fields such as job embeddedness, stress, job satisfaction and psychological contracts. Insights from all these, and more, will help us understand our own field better.

The theme of this year's e-conference is Exploring Organisational Fit and Misfit. Recent writings have thoroughly reviewed the current state of the fit literature and have identified fit's conceptual ambiguity and methodological complexity. This is a time of considerable change in the domain and we are uncertain where it will go. It is certainly an exciting time to be doing fit research and two questions force themselves to the fore: Where are we going? Where should we be going?


Conference Format

The two days will have a similar design. At the start of the day (9.00am GMT), the e-conference will open and all delegates will have the opportunity to read that day's papers. The papers become 'live' at scheduled times through the day to keep the conference dynamic. Hopefully, delegates will have questions and there will be a discussion on each paper. The author of each paper will be online at times during the day to join in the discussion. Once open, the papers will stay open throughout the e-conference.

On each day of the conference there will be a keynote 'speech' from one of the leaders in the field. These will go live in the afternoon (GMT) each day. The keynote speakers for this year's conference will all be leading researchers in the field of organisational fit that all delegates will surely know of. Last year, our keynote speakers were Karen Jansen (University of Virginia), Amy Kristof-Brown (University of Iowa) and Jon Billsberry (Coventry University). In previous years, the keynote speakers were Helena Cooper-Thomas (University of Auckland), Jeff Edwards (University of North Carolina), Tim Judge (University of Florida), Amy Kristof-Brown (University of Iowa), Ben Schneider (Valtera & University of Maryland), Cheri Ostroff (University of Maryland) and Annelies Van Vianen (University of Amsterdam).

I'm delighted to announce that this year's keynote speakers are John Kammeyer-Mueller (University of Florida) and Anthony Wheeler (University of Rhode Island); two people have incredibly interesting things to say about our discipline. 

We hope that the e-conference will be more than the presentation and discussion of research-oriented papers. We are open to all forms of presentation that you can think of: workshops, expert panels and symposia in addition to the paper sessions. We are also interested in papers focused on teaching fit and misfit, including case studies. And, of course, there will be Fit Island where delegates can catch-up, renew acquaintances, and form new friendships over their virtual coffee and doughnuts.


.Call for Papers

Please refer to the Call for Papers tab to see details. As in previous years, we will be looking for papers on any aspect of fit. This year we plan to include three sections:

  • Scholarly papers (max. 2000 words; deadline 30th October 2010 to allow for refereeing)
  • Doctoral zone (max. 1000 words; deadline 30th October 2010)



This e-conference is completely free to anyone who wishes to sign-up. All we need is your name and email address. Once you supply us with these details, we will keep you informed about the e-conference, the itinerary, the papers and the 'speakers'. It doesn't commit you to anything; it just keeps you informed about the e-conference (and it helps us judge interest). Please note that if you subscribed to last year's conference, you do not have to subscribe again. Please click on the following link to sign-up:

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Conference Committee

Jon Billsberry, Coventry University Business School, Coventry University (Chair)

Karen Jansen, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia

Amy Kristof-Brown, Henry B. Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa

Cheri Ostroff, Department of Psychology, University of Maryland

Dannie Talbot, Open University Business School, The Open University



This e-conference has been funded by The Fit Project, which is based at Coventry University and The Open University in the UK. Please visit www.fitproject.co.uk for more details about the sponsor. The conference platform is hosted at The Open University.